Every Baobab Batik product is handmade by our team; the artisans combine their skills and talents to create the finished product. 

Let us take you on a tour of our workshop, where you are first introduced to the batik makers; a group of 13 women who are tracing the patterns onto plain white fabric, and applying melted wax within the outline. As you enter the room you are greeted by a chorus of voices; laughing and discussing tales of the weekend, and the smell of wax lingers in the air.Each piece of batik will come back to the artisan two or three times, depending on how many colours there are in the design.

Let’s continue to our ‘Colour-house’. Here you will find fabric in a variety of colour hanging to dry in the sunshine and four dye-artisans hard at work. They are dyeing, treating, de-waxing and hanging fabric. With the sunlight glowing through the batik, the designs come to life, and is a picture perfect setting against the backdrop of the Ezulwini Mountains.

 We proceed to the sewing room; where you will meet our four seamstresses. Their machines are sewing non-stop; here batik fabrics are changed into scarves, cushion covers, tablecloths and eclectic decorative elephants. The constant hum of the sewing machines is matched by the tunes of the radio, as well as many harmonious voices.

Thank you for your interest in our tour. We hope you have enjoyed learning about our unique process, and wish to see you again.