Batik workshop with Ace Camp travel company

At the end of March we had the privilege to host an Ace Camp workshop. Ace Camps is an interesting travel company, based in Canada, focusing on developing travels where the participants learn a skill. For their Swaziland trip the focus was to learn to batik.

The participants spent three days together with us, where they got a hands on experience in how to make batiks. Everyone started by creating small test swatches, to get used to the techniques, before they moved on to bigger pieces.

Some of the results from Day 1 test swathces

Some of the results from Day 1 test swathces

Our Baobab Batik artisans were teachers during the three days of the workshop. They were showing all the participants the tricks of the trade; how hot the wax needs to be, how to use the tools, the best way to apply the dye, and in general giving advice on how to get the best result.

The final day together we all joined each other for lunch in our Baobab Batik garden. It was a great way to round off three days together, as it gave us a chance to sit down and talk and learn about each other's lives.

Thank you Ace Camp for visiting us! We enjoyed teaching you how to make batik!